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What The Hell?

Most of our clients are lovely, charming and gentlemen. Indeed, the majority of the people who make enquiries are very nice, whether we actually do business with or not. But sometimes, just occasionally, you have to wonder about what the hell people are thinking of. Or even if they are thinking at all. 

Let me give you an example. This is not picked because it is extreme or unusual, but because it is fairly representative of the type of conversations we have when the wheels do come off during a potential booking.  IMG_2592x__1415379691_95.62.30.48

We started with a perfectly straightforward request for three girls to meet with three guys in different rooms at the same hotel. No problem. Then the clients seemed to think it would be a good idea to go for three men and three women all in the same room at the same time. Again, no problem. Then, the question was whether they could change partners during the party. The answer from us was yes, so long as the ladies were OK with that at the time.  

It was at this point that the wheels started to come off. First one, and then the second of the potential clients decided that they were too tired and would meet girls another night. Obviously, that was a little disappointing for both the receptionist and also for the girls who lost their potential booking. But no big deal, these things happen. 

Then it got weird. It turns out that the three clients did not, in fact, have separate rooms. Instead, they were all in a very large triple room. OK… so could one of our girls visit and have sex with the client who was still up for it (pun definitely intended) while his mates were asleep? No Sir, I am afraid not. The girls all insist on privacy and it is a little scary for one girl to be in a room naked with three men. 

And then, and I swear that I am not making this up, the would-be client and lothario comes up with the immortal line; ”Well how about she and I have sex in the bathroom while the boys are next door? We have a really big bathroom.” As though the size of the bathroom was the issue, not the fact that it was a bathroom, with two men in the adjoining room.  

Wow. What the hell? That will be a no then. But thanks for the call. Perhaps another day? 

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