You can book by phone, WhatsApp or text. The Agency will normally want to speak with you before sending an escort to visit you.

Under normal circumstances the escort of your choice will be able to arrive with you in between 30 and 60 minutes of your confirming the booking.

Fees for each escort are shown on their individual profiles. The escort is charging solely for their time and companionship.

The fees shown do not include travel to and from any meeting. There is normally an additional taxi charge for the escort of your choice to visit you. You will be told how much this will be at the time of booking.

All rates are shown in Euros. Other currencies can be accepted. They will be subject to a 10% surcharge over the current exchange rate as shown on Google currency converter.

Unless otherwise agreed, payment is required in cash.

If agreed at the time of booking, payments can be made by Visa and Mastercard debit/credit cards. All credit card transactions are subject to a 15% surcharge.

The Tenerife Escort Agency and the escorts we represent reserve the right to refuse bookings. The escorts also reserve the right to leave a booking of the client is abusive or under the influence of drink/drugs. If the escort has stayed longer at a booking than 10 minutes the full fee and any taxi fares are still payable.











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(3) All the fees shown are for the time and companionship of the escort. Fees are not for sexual services. The provision of sexual services is not implied.

(4) Every escort listed on www.escort-ibiza.es is an independent contractor. They are over the age of 18. If required by law, they have affirmed that they hold valid Visas to remain and work in the EU.

(5) Escorts represented on this site are independent contractors. They work as independently of The Ibiza Escort Agency in regard to the nature of their work. They control the length times and hours that they choose to work. They set their fees for their time and companionship. Each escort is responsible for any visa requirements and payment of their taxes. The escorts pay a booking fee to the Ibiza Escort Agency for arranging introductions to clients.

(6) The Ibiza Escort Agency takes this booking fee expressly on the understanding that the Escort is charging the client for time and companionship only. Anything of a sexual nature that occurs is between consenting adults. The Ibiza Escort Agency has no knowledge of any such acts and does not condone them.

(7) As independent contractors, escorts represented by The Ibiza Escort Agency make their own accommodation and travel arrangements. They pay their own rent and/or mortgage. Escorts may have their images and details removed from www.escort-ibiza.es at any time they want. They may leave Ibiza at any time they choose of their own free will.

(8) The Ibiza Escort Agency does not allow or condone activities including but not limited to: the provision of sex for financial gain, prostitution, the use or supply of illegal narcotics/drugs, driving under the influence of drink/drugs, lewd conduct, or breaking immigration or tax laws.

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